America’s largest dance club and concert hall, Wild Bill’s, 2075 Market Street, is thanking patrons for “making Wild Bill’s all about the party for eight years” as it celebrates its Birthday Bash/8th Anniversary on Saturday, January 28. The doors open at 7:30 p.m., and the show starts at 9 p.m. Advanced general admission tickets cost only $10 each (plus reduced service fees). For advanced tickets, visit or call the Wildline at 678-473-1000. Wild Bill’s boasts plenty of available free parking as well as “close-in” VIP parking, which costs $5 per car.  All shows are 18 and up.

The event—billed as “The Biggest Party of the Year”—features the world-famous Wild Bill’s Wild Girls, a dance presentation by the “Wild Team” to Footloose and thousands of giveaways, but the true attraction is a concert by the club’s owner, Bill Gentry, and his band BMF. It’s Gentry’s first show at Wild Bill’s since 2010, and it’ll show fans exactly why Wild Bill’s has been recognized as “Best Country Music Club/Bar” by Creative Loafing and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution from 2005 through 2007, and again in 2010.

Gentry recently completed work on a new CD, entitled Baptized In Temptation, and in stores later this year. Produced by Chad Carlson (Taylor Swift) Gentry’s upcoming release is designed to capture the raw energy of his live performances. Currently hailing from Atlanta, GA, Gentry’s influences are best described in a song called “Muscle Shoals to Macon,” one of the tracks on the new CD.  He explains, “I grew up in a large and very creative family, on a farm in Carrollton, Georgia. Living between Muscle Shoals and Macon, there was a real melding of musical influences in that part of Georgia. I grew up listening to Mahalia Jackson, because my mom loves her and played her music a lot around the house. Another of my influences is Alan Jackson, who lived 17 miles from me.  While we’re very different in a live concert situation, what I love about him is his keen ear for a great song and his way with lyrics. Garth is another influence–both his live show and his ability to tell a story in song.” “This Letter” is the lead single from the upcoming CD and has just been released nationally to radio and is also available at digital music sites. Additionally, the music video is already getting play at CMT and GAC.

Gentry’s live shows are his calling card. He has spent the last year plus touring and building an audience that has come to expect nothing less than a high energy, fan-driven performance. When Bill Gentry hits the stage, it’s like all the bells, lights and whistles on a pinball machine connecting. And any fan who has attended a Wild Bill’s Birthday Bash knows exactly what that means.

We had the privilege of catching up with Bill as he told us about the party and more!

TBB:  Hey Bill! We hear you have a really big party coming up this weekend! Tell me about it….

BG: Well, yea… (laughs) When we opened Wild Bills, I played 3 or 4 times a week.  Now, as I am national touring artist, it is the only time I come to play in Georgia. It’s officially the only one time a year I play, we celebrate the opening of Wild Bills.

TBB: Well, you definitely do your job well as it is by far one of the best venues in the country. Obviously the largest one.  You guys do your job well.

BG:  It is a blessing. We have so many amazing people who work with us at Wild Bills and we can not do it without them.  We certainly can not do it without the fans and the amazing people from all over that come to Wild Bills.  The life blood is the 120 + people who work here for sure.

It was designed to give an arena show in a venue that seats 5000.  So everyone can have a chance to get up close with their favorite act.  I know if you have been to arena show, you will never get close to the musicians.

TBB: Unless you are in the photo pit shooting the first three songs… (laughs)

BG: (Laughs) That is so true…  But Wild Bills will give you that feel without having to be a photographer with a photo pass and without being stuck in the balcony. You will get an up close and personal show.

TBB: You have had a lot of big names play there…

BG: Yes, I can’t even believe the names that come out of my mouth sometimes, Rihanna played here and about a month or two after is when she skyrocketed.  I can’t even believe some of the people who have played.  We are just so blessed.

TBB: What are we going to see from you Saturday night?

BG: Well, I have a new album out this year called Baptized in Temptation and you will get to hear a lot of the songs from that.  Plus, I have some surprises.  There will be some big names, A-listers for sure… Major radio from all over the US, it is definitely a chance to see Wild Bills at its best.


We thank Bill Gentry and Wild Bills for the opportunity to join you all tomorrow night!  Get out to Wild Bills Saturday January 28th and join The Backstage Beat in this seriously rockin’ good time!