ELVIS LIVES will appear at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre on January 15, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. The show is an unforgettable multi-media and live musical journey across Elvis’s life featuring four finalists from Elvis Presley Enterprises’ annual worldwide Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest. The cast members include Bill Cherry, Ben Klein, Kevin Mills and Victor Trevino, Jr., each representing Elvis during different stages in his career. The Elvis tribute artists will be joined by a live band, back-up singers, dancers, along with an Ann-Margret tribute artist, as well as iconic imagery made available from the Graceland archives.

Here we caught up with Victor Trevino, Jr. and ask him a few questions:
How did you get started in performing?

I would perform in school talent shows, play and musicals to get started. Then later on I began to perform in public musicals after high school. Such as Joseph and the amazing Technicolor dreamcoat where I landed the part of Joseph. Matt in the Fantasticks and also performed some Shakespeare to name a few. I also tried to build a rockabilly band but it would never stick. When someone suggested performing as Elvis I thought it might be interesting. So I entered contests and won some of them. Sometimes winning thousands of dollars. This also allowed me to grow a fan base and soon jobs started coming around. And before I knew it, I was working as an Elvis Tribute Artist as a full-time. Now I get to work with the best tribute company in the world, Legends in Concert.

What drew you to the music of Elvis?
I’ve always been into all types of music, especially older styles which I find myself listening to more often than modern styles. Plus, my favorite eras in music, fashion etc are the 40s-60s anyways. So of course I appreciated what Presley did for both music and society. Elvis was very unique for his time. While he was not the 1st rock n’ roller, he was indeed the most important. This man brought a type of music that was considered “bad” and took it straight to  the top of the pop charts. All because he loved it, he felt the music and made it his own. He dared to rock.

What is it about playing the young Elvis that is your favorite?
Of course I love rockabilly music etc. but showing a younger audience what Elvis was really like is great task. Many 20-30 somethings view Elvis as the stereotype of a “big drugged out guy”. Unfortunately, Elvis was given that reputation by cheesy performers ruining his name. My act has no cheese. When a person walks up to me after a show and says “I never liked Elvis until I saw you perform” That is when I know I’m doing something right. Elvis was raw and wild, yet classy and polished………and that’s how I like to portray him.
Have you ever visited or performed in Atlanta before?
Driven through Atlanta twice but never had a chance to stop. So I’m looking forward to my visit.

What can we expect from your performance next week?
You can expect a rocking good time! The cast, band, dancers and production team are all wonderful. Four actors will portray the role of Elvis Presley through out different stages of his life/career. Myself as 1950s  and army. Kevin Mills will play Elvis’s his movie career. Ben Klein will recreate the 68 Comeback Special. And Bill Cherry closes the show with the Las Vegas Concert years of the 1970s. Everyone involved in the show is an A act and each Tribute Artist had to be approved by EPE (Elvis Presley Enterprises) Graceland to be apart of this production. It’s a fun all age show that will have everyone on their feet right from the start.How old are you? Single or Taken?
27 years old. 10% away from being 30. I’m happily married to sweetest, prettiest girl to walk this earth.
What are you plans for 2012?
After this tour I return back to Las Vegas and continue performing at Legends in Concert at the Harrah’s Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. After that…. not sure. Maybe Myrtle Beach,….Maybe a cruise ship…..Europe…..Asia. That what I love about the entertainment business. The wind blows in so many different directions that you don’t know where you’re gonna end up. But one thing is for certain. I plan on this tour developing even bigger and setting sail again either late 2012 or early 2013.

Check out Victor as he shakes his hips this Sunday at The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center!