On January 14 at Sweetwater Bar and Grill in Duluth, the local thrash metal band Enders Game played.  This band has been on hiatus for a while due to their drummer leaving the band.  Thanks to Chad Blackwell (formerly of the Billboard-charting deathcore band Impending Doom), Enders game is back.  Best of all they have a new album out also, called What We’ve Lost.

It is so nice to have some local thrash metal in the Atlanta metal scene. Enders Game provided a great fix of metal Saturday night. They played most of their new songs, my favorite being A Flawed Design, which starts with a fabulous scream by singer Shon Harp, and then it continues with a fist-pumping beat and rip shredding guitar playing.  Dave Merrill is swinging his hair around while delivering some awesome shredding, and Jarrod Johnson is standing on a speaker in front of the stage ripping out an awesome solo!  Chad Blackwell delivers some awesome pounding on the drums while Shon sings his guts out.  Many of Enders Game songs follow in this same pattern, a few are slower, but still metal!!  All in all these guys deliver on stage and musically.  Now that are back in the scene I hope they can build momentum again.  Having opened for such bands as In Flames, Soilwork, Chimaira, Daath, I am sure they will do awesome!

My only complaint of the night is Sweetwater still can’t provide a good mix for the bands. Microphones are still going out and speakers are still feeding back at times.  The band had a video intro prepared for the show, but for some reason it wouldn’t run on the projector at the venue, and the technical issues related to that delayed their start time, and this probably hurt their crowd a bit.  One would think that Sweetwater would upgrade their gear a bit (being one of the top music venues in town), but to be fair that can get really expensive.  Long story short, if you like bay area thrash such as Forbidden, Death Angel, Slayer, Testament, and the like, give Enders Game a look.