I had heard his name but never have seen or heard him play, Atlanta based Neil Cribbs….. I decided immediately anyone who plays a kazoo is going to be fun and the chances are good that I would like him!  And I did.  He is “Blues & Soul soaked in Americana” plus whatever a megaphone brings the genre.  His different sounds with an up-tempo were as entertaining from the first song to his last.  Check out his newest release Windshield.  Rumor is, he will be in the studio with Producer Simon Illa to record more soon….. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Neil.

In the middle of the “band pack” were The Well Reds.  With his signature coat and tie, Lead Singer Jeremy Ezell, has a charm about him that he carries on and off the stage.   They had plenty of their own songs to keep the night going but are versatile enough to include cover songs of artists like The Script and Matt Nathanson (and did them very well I would like to add).  These guys are a perfect blend of pop and rock – They are getting ready to hit the road to tour up north for a bit – but Atlanta will be waiting for them to return – I have a feeling we are going to hear more of The Well Reds….they are the real deal.

Switch gears to Nate Currin……..Change always brings mixed emotion…It’s almost a dreaded excitement….. I could feel that at Smith’s Olde Bar as Nate took the stage.  He is making the change to the left side, California, and this was his farewell show for his friends, family and fans.  Nate put his heart in this show starting with a carefully selected song list that left us with his goodbye message.  He started off the set with The Book of Love (originally by Magnetic Fields and later recorded by Peter Gabriel) and then dedicated his next song “Confessional” from his Goodnight California album to his sisters.  Just like his song list, Nate puts careful thought into his lyrics and each song tells a personal story.  He made sure to include Yellow Springs in the set as well – A song about spending a beautiful day with his best friend in Yellow Springs, Ohio not knowing it would tragically be their last.  Can’t think of the Nate Currin Band without thinking of his band members, Simon Peek (lead guitar) since 2006, Brent Mayo (bass guitar) since 2008 and drummer, Johnny Massey.  Nate also invited his original guitarist, David Anderson,  and his Drummer for over 4 years, Andrew Ferguson, to come back to help out on stage for his last Atlanta performance before he heads west.

Nate has decided to go to where beauty of nature inspires him – he will continue to write and perfect his talent……giving it a rebirth so to speak  – This was Nate’s farewell performance for now…..but he will be back.  When one door shuts, another one opens – can’t wait to see what he sounds like when the door opens again!

Nate Currin Band Set List

The Book of Love

The Confessional



Coming Home Dance Away the Night

Hear You Me (Jimmy Eat World)

Two Friends and a Map (Acoustic)

Lucid Dream

Yellow Springs

Another Long September

The Runaround

Goodnight California

Encore:   Thirty Three

Steel My Kisses

Gypsy Girl