Happy Friday Atlanta!

You know what this means, its time to get out, relax and support some great local artists!

Here is a few picks that The Backstage Beat suggests:


Levi Lowrey (Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Artist)
  The Peachtree Tavern Atlanta Georgia
“It’s a wedding ceremony. The groom and visibly pregnant bride are impossibly young—so young, they must still be in high school, or only recently graduated. “Do they know what they’re getting into?” you wonder.

It’s an indelible scene from “Hold On Tight,” a song from I Confess I Was A Fool, Levi Lowrey’s Southern Ground debut. It testifies not only to his skill as a songwriter, but also to his unsparing honesty. You see, he was that nervous groom, all of 19 at the time. And the expectant bride? Now his wife of seven years, and mother of his two small boys. “Hold On Tight” is her favorite song, Lowrey notes.

“I write from true experience,” he says. “And I find a lot of inspiration in sorrow, pain and stupid mistakes.”

It’s that honesty—and the skill with which it’s conveyed—that sets Lowrey apart both as a performer and songwriter. And as word of his prodigious blend of talents spreads, his live audiences keep growing. Truly, after a lifetime of playing music, then seven years of playing in a band before striking out as a singer/songwriter, this is his moment. And I Confess I Was A Fool—with its masterful, song-serving performances, pitch-perfect songcraft and unflinching confessions and observations—is his calling card.”



Black Oak Arkansa with The Six Shot Revival and Bigfoot

The Peachtree Tavern Atlanta Georgia

If you’re looking for good southern rock, look no further. The world’s primo boogie band… Black Oak Arkansas!!

“Black Oak Arkansas produced their first album under the name of Black Oak Arkansas in ’71, The southern rockers have a sound that is unique and all their own. Bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, The Allman Brothers and Molly Hatchet copied Black Oak’s style to make a sound that is easily identifiable as southern rock. It’s easy to say Black Oak Arkansas founded todays Southern Rock N Roll.
These bad boys of the south set standards for live performances, and still electrify audiences to this day. Early in their career, their touring schedule kept them on the road for as many as 10 months at a time. They have 3 gold albums, and have appeared on such TV shows as Don Kirshners Rock Concert, Midnight Special, and ABCs In Concert. The King himself, Elvis Presley, encouraged them to perform the LaVerne Baker Classic, which has become their signature song, Jim Dandy to the Rescue
These days Black Oak Arkansas keeps up a busy tour schedule, especially during the summer when they are a favorite at bike rallys and outdoor music fairs and festivals around the country. In 2004 Rhino Records releasesd a new Black Oak Arkansas DVD called “The first 30 years!” now in store worldwide. It features old videos and tv apperance spanning the groups long history. In 2005 The DVD “Live at the Albert Hall DVD” went on sale along with thress new CD, “Greatest Hits 2005”, “Keep The Faith LIVE” and ” Live at the Albert Hall”.


The Grapes and Deep Blue Sum

The Variety Playhouse

The legendary GRAPES and Deep Blue Sun, two bands who helped define the southern jam-rock scene, are joining together for one special night at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta.

“The Grapes were an American rock band from Atlanta, who performed from 1986-1997. They have been classified as both a jam band and a southern rock band
Contents 1980s.
The band was formed by bassist/vocalist Charlie Lonsdorf along with drummer Preston Holcomb . Early guitarists included Danny Simmons, Katie Moore (of Deep Blue Sun), Johnny Tessavarie who suggested the band be called The Dreadful Grapes. This name was used by Ken Kesey to introduce The Grateful Dead at a show they played in Oregon in the seventies. Early influences for The Grapes and a large share of the early covers they played were songs by The Dead, Bob Dylan, and assorted other groups from the sixties and seventies”

“Deep Blue Sum churns out a hypnotic blend of funk, melodic rock, southern soul and west coast psychedelia. Well-crafted songwriting backed with blazing lead guitar, driving keys & a hot rhythm section bring a distinctive sound that’ll take you for a musical ride.”


Ledfoot Messiah, The Dreaded Marco,  Poynte

The Velvet Underground at The Hard Rock

“Ledfoot Messiah Is the culmination of a collective 100+ years experience creating rock music. Its about Les Pauls and Marshalls. LFM is about getting back to no frills Rock without the effects. It’s not about cool haircuts, shiny shirts, or white belts. It’s fist pumping, foot stomping riff-rock at its finest. The members of LFM have independently shared stages with artists such as White Zombie, Ace Frehley, Anthrax, Saliva, Train, American Hifi, Drivin and Cryin, Butch Walker and Our Lady Peace…just to name a few.
Since their inception in September 2007 LFM has directly supported Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Skid Row, Daryl “DMC” McDaniel, Blackberry Smoke, Ritchie Kotzen, Speed X and a host of others. Currently LFM is putting the finishing touches on our upcoming debut CD titled (Devolution)
“We’re NOT reaching for the brass ring. LFM is about making music that fans of hard rock want to hear because at this point in our lives we have to play or someone or something is gonna get broken.”
Its not for people who like paper it’s not for people who like scissors it’s for people who like ROCK!”



Graveyard, Radio Moscow, StoneRider

The Masquerade

“Graveyard’s self titled debut resurrects the sounds of 70’s psychedelic rock. The clash of folk, psychedelic, and blues makes for a mind-bending trip back to the days of Cream, Sabbath, and Blue Cheer. The classic vibe is evident throughout, from the masterful analog production of Don Ahlsterberg (Soundtrack of our Lives, The International Noise Conspiracy, José Gonzalez) to the wah-wah guitar solos on tracks like the urgency filled “Lost in Confusion”. The hard, blues infused opener “Evil Ways” features vocalist/guitarist Joakim Nilsson unleashing a Chris Cornell-esque howl, declaring “There lies a hole in my soul, that cannot be filled.” Track by track Graveyard brings back to life all that is right with rock and roll, from the dark haze that is brought upon by the space blues of “Blue Soul” to the rocking trip of “Submarine Blues”. The band proves they have what it takes to hang with the classics while delivering a sound that is all their own.”