It is safe to say that out of all the shows I have been to this is was the most electric and exciting.  As lead singer, Bruce Lamont, belted the first vocal everyone in the audience, in shock, proclaimed “it’s just like Robert Plant!”  It was like his parents raised him thinking he was Robert Plant, and never told him otherwise.  As amazing as Bruce Lamont’s performance was, he wasn’t the only one on stage.  He was accompanied by a band full of talent and chemistry which made for a great stage show. 

Bonzo (Ian Lee), the drummer, not only did an amazing job that would challenge anyone, but he also added character to the performance that was much loved by the audience.  Paul Kamp, destroyed it on lead guitar and made sure to keep the front row involved while complimenting Bruce and the energy of the show.  Matthew Longbons, on bass, mandolin, and keys, did an incredible job and even kept the entertainment going just with his incredible job on the keys and bass and playing the mandolin alongside Bruce.  His talent was endless.  One of the coolest things during the show was that the band remembered a group of fans in the audience from the show in Atlanta a year ago and the band completely fed off of them and had them involved in everything, including picking a song for them to play.  If you want to see Led Zeppelin you go see Led Zeppelin 2.