Why isn’t this local band larger???

Almost Kings has this Rage against the Machine- like sound and to back it up they performed “Bulls on Parade” while on stage, granted they did give it a little of an Almost Kings touch.

You may think “A rock band with a rapper… that’s been done before.” Not like this.  These guys put on a unique show as everything they do has their unique touch to it.

They did not perform anything that had been heard before making their own mix on “Ni**as in Paris” that completely blew my mind.  Not only did MC Bryan “Boze” Bozeman remix it with his own vocals, but they even used live drums and made a dub step mix along with the old school scratching hip hop that has been missing so much.

These guys know how to put on a show and are unique to the core. Don’t think twice about going to their show. GO. You will not regret it, it will blow you away!