As the owner of a business called “Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium”, Grant is quickly becoming a household name around Atlanta. Grant’s “Church” is actually a bar, and a very nice one at that. With two stories to work with, he uses the space quite well, displaying church artwork, light fixtures, a boat, church pews and much more!

There is weekly karaoke with a real church organ and weekly ping pong tournaments as well.
This place has a very unique feel to it and I fell in love with Grant Henry when Laura and I sat down to talk with him.

A lot of people know him from his bartending days at The Local on Ponce, but now he owns his own bar.  It has been the happening place to go for a little over a year now and I see it only getting bigger and better.

I was curious how he started the bar, and why he chose to call it a church. I was also curious about his own beliefs.

Watch here as Grant tells us all about his life leading up to Sister Louisa’s and what he sees happening in the future.