Many people are familiar with Henry Rollins from his days with the band Black Flag… yet others know him for his numerous television and movie roles.

What I learned was that I did not really know him at all until I spent some time with him on the phone. I knew he was an intelligent man, but I never got a feel for it until I heard him explain things to me. He is extremely inspirational as he continues to feed his mind daily. In his early 50’s he does not stop learning and growing. He has wisdom and knowledge and is not afraid to use it.
It seems as though his love for education, possibly passed down from his mother who taught him to read at age 5, is strong and fierce. He has come to believe our country’s weakness is our lack of education. Through his travels abroad he knows how other countries view educating their citizens and he dreams of an America like that. His love for supporting the troops even though he is against the war is truly amazing. His work with Veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan is something we can all learn from and get behind. Henry makes his way to the great state of Georgia via Athens on March 7th at the 40 Watt Club.

[audio: HenryRollins.mp3]