Comedian Josh Blue proudly displaying his TBB mini mag! Along with TBB writer Brett Neidlinger


After the various stand up comedy shows I have attended, Josh Blue at The Punchline stood out by far. The Punchline provided an intimate setting, which allowed the comics to fully interact with the crowd and make the crowd itself feel like they were part of the act instead of just watching.

Josh Blue, winner of Last Comic Standing is one of the few comics who can utilize a serious disability, (referring to his Cerebral Palsy), and turn it into something light-hearted and uplifting. His subject matter caught the attention of the entire crowd and kept it strongly throughout the show because of how unique it is for a comedian. Instead of resenting his disability, Josh embraces it in his act.

He takes the common views of others and turns the tables for you to see everything from his perspective. From poking fun at people believing he is a sketchy homeless person, when he is simply taking out the garbage, to jokes pertaining to raising his two young children and the struggles of parenthood, Josh reveals that he has very few restrictions with his disability, despite what others may think.

Not only will his performance make you laugh until you cry, but it allows you to see the ignorance in other people for under estimating someone because of their disability. By doing this he really places himself as a stand out in the stand up comedy community and providing a great comic experience that you will not find with anyone else.