The RE: GENERATION Project is a project that shows the importance of music and art.

This movie was filled with brute honesty and shows how music connects everyone and is a perfect medium to bring people together, enlighten people, heal morale, and is just  overall great medicine for most everything.

It is brilliantly put together as it starts with showing the genres each Dj has to work with and then it gives the brutally honest thoughts of the artist on the genre they were given.

The movie does a great thing mixing some old most legendary and influential music with the new up- and- coming flavor of the electronic genre.

This movie brought a really exciting idea to reality and shows that no matter what changes, music never dies.

I was intrigued throughout the whole thing to see the final product after all the disagreements, hard work, bonding, drama, etc… I could not look away.  It just kept pulling me in deeper and deeper and the final product was a masterful work of art.