If you are in need of a real laugh out loud, gut busting funny night out on the town, then go see The Ladies Man at Marietta’s Theatre in The Square. Genuinely funny with witty, double entrendre-filled writing – plus exceptional delivery by the performers – makes this a not to be missed show!

The charming theater stage was dressed as a lovely, romantic French house with a velvet chaise couch, antique desk, and several revolving doors that made for many an amusing chase scene. As homage to its French roots, attendees were welcomed by a booming voice full of French accent advising them to turn off their cell phones and introduce the play. The opening scene starts with Dr. and Mrs. Molineaux’s servant Etienne (Enoch King) playfully flirting and chasing maid Marie (Veronika Duerr) around until they discover that Dr. Molineaux did not sleep in his bedroom the previous night. Of course, when Dr. Molineaux’s beautiful, much younger wife Yvonne (Lane Carlock) awakes, the real drama begins! When the guilty Dr. Molineaux sneaks back into the house after a night at the sexy house of sin Moulin Rouge, this play takes a turn into folly as excuses, accusations, gloves, spankings, and cat-and-mouse style chase scenes are sprinkled with audience snickers, howls, and laughs. Dr. Molineaux’s friends add to the confusion with Bassinet’s (Andrew Benator) lisp speaking buffoonery and sexy, saucy Suzanne (Katherine N. LeRoy) continuing to aid in Dr. Molineaux’s marital miscommunications. Eventually, Yvonne enlists the help of her fearsome grande dame of a mother, Madame Agrieville (Andrea Frye), to get to the bottom of her husband’s sneaky ways. She gets to the bottom of someone, but it isn’t her daughter’s husband!

For gut busting laughs at a live stage show full of brilliant actors, go see The Ladies Man at Marietta’s Theatre in the Square. The Ladies Man was translated and adapted by playwright Charles Morey from the French play Tailleur pour Dames by Georges Feydeau. Susan Reid directed this play.

The Ladies Man is playing at Theatre in The Square from February 15th until February 26th.

Theatre in The Square
11 Whitlock Avenue
Marietta, GA 30064
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