Yelawolf brought a huge crowd to Wild Bills on February 4th, 2012.  As Yelawolf put on a good show, he was not the highlight of the night.

CyHi da Prince completely killed it!  CyHi da Prince got everyone hyped up even though the crowd was there mostly for Yelawolf.  The amount of excitement CyHi got from a crowd that mostly didn’t really know who he was or his music proved that CyHi da Prince is the real deal.  CyHi being a good opening performer kept trying to hype up Yelawolf during his performance, but there was one problem.  CyHi kept saying “Give it up for Yelawolf in the building” and other things of the sort, but where was Yelawolf?!?!

I know for a fact he wasn’t in the building, or at least that is what his manager was telling me from 4:30 PM, when  Yelawolf and his people scheduled an interview with me, all the way up until he went on stage around 11:00 PM.

The way Yelawolf carried himself during the sound check and before the performance was poor at best.  He did soundcheck then straight left the building avoiding the interview his people scheduled.  His show wasn’t even going to be covered until they called us.  They were very unprofessional and I have honestly never experienced anything like it.  Most artists are happy to meet with the fans and seem to uphold their responsibilities with the media.  They kept promising “before doors open we will do the interview,” then “He’s still not feeling well, we will call you on our way back” and then nothing.  They stopped responding and just ignored what THEY set up.  The excuse was that he was “sick,” but you can ask anyone there that watched the show and they would all say he was fine.  I know for a fact he didn’t go home after his set was over.
I cannot take away from how good his show was, other than that it used to be more exciting as he used to show with a full band and now it’s just a Dj and him on stage, his attitude and character is deplorable and I will still have to give CyHi da Prince more praise for rocking a crowd that was obviously only there for Yelawolf and for the most part didn’t know his music.  CyHi’s performance deserves more praise than it will most likely get.


Publisher’s note: Dylan was a lot nicer in this review than I would have been.  The fact is they wasted his time and for that alone we will never have anything to do with Yelawolf again. What a poorly managed boy, he needs to learn how to uphold his commitments and not to be rude to people that actually want to talk to you.  Dylan was excited about this, I on the other could care less about Yelawolf… and that remains the same. ~Ange Alex