The newest feature to The Backstage Beat, Music and Fashion, will combine the best of local music and fashion as seen and photographed by Perry Julien.

In this first installment we feature Emily Kempf from the local band, “The Back Pockets”.  Emily is being photographed at The Star Bar wearing clothing from Psycho Sisters in Little Five Points.

The Back Pockets (as described by Emily) are a flock of musicians, performance artists, & dancers based out of Atlanta Ga. Since our conception in Aug. 2008, we have played over 300 shows, released 4 albums & several music videos, & extensively toured the southeast. We hand paint every cd cover, hand sew every lyric book, do all booking, managing, & producing ourselves. Shows are elaborate acts of theater, audience interaction, set design installation, costuming, & music. Some instruments include: banjo, keys, guitar, bass, harmonium, trombone, violin, & drums. The group is female fronted and tied together with a handful of enthusiastic performance artists.

About Emily I’m an artist/musician in my twenties currently living in Atlanta, Ga. My general hobbies include growing-up, becoming a decent human being, and following all of my dreams aggressively. Friends and family are important to me. I talk a lot. I’m addicted to gmail and coffee. I get angry at inanimate objects. I believe in the universe & in being myself. I love children. I draw a lot, read a lot, and write a lot. I like making/getting into/running/ or helping out with really big insane creative projects. I’m usually suffering from sleep deprivation. I own an art car

Personal style: I would describe my personal style as “punk rock renaissance fairy hipster diva hippie kid”.


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