Not only is Henry Rollins known for his musical following – from Black flag to Rollins Band- he’s always kept the attention of other fans through his political views as well as his freethinking. His most recent spoken word captures the attention of the entire audience while he tells tales of his visits to various foreign countries, everyday life at the office, and his tour days with Black Flag.

While talking about his off tour days at the office, Henry lovingly refers to his assistant as “The Demon.” Quick trips to Costco and discovering the George W. Bush book, ‘Decision Points’ — “The Demon” helps Henry Rollins to find humor in any situation, and is always able make the simplest experiences memorable.

He talks about a recent visit to North Korea during which he befriended his guide. Rollins felt bad about the fact that he knew the guy would never get out of country, even though he mentioned how he would come to the United States one day, and he would be sure to look Henry up. The point Rollins was trying to get across to the audience with this story  was that we should never take the country we live in for granted.  Traveling the world only proves that truth with a stronger intensity.

The one thing that really stood out to me during his show was a particular story he told of when he was on tour with Black Flag:  A young woman was unfortunate enough to lose an eye caused by a fellow fan and stage diver.  A year after the show, a young woman approached him and asked if he remembered her, to which he replied no. He was then informed by the girl that she was the one that the oversized stage diver had landed on the year before.  Rollins shrank back in empathetic pain, and stated he was glad she turned out okay.  She removed her glass eye, and told him she lost her actual one that night. Rollins ended by saying, when your mother says don’t do that because you might lose an eye, she’s right.

Not only is Henry Rollins a great spoken word artist, he’s a true Punk Rock legend.