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Open Mic

Open Jam at Players with The Rituals




Come jam with The Rituals Wednesday nights!!!  Individual musicians, or entire bands are welcome to perform (the entire backline is provided). Players supports musicians by having live music almost every night of the week. Come down and let the management hear what you have.

There is never a cover charge at Players, and they have a full menu, and drink specials….. plus the best staff in town.

The Rituals can be seen each and every Wednesday Night at Players in Marietta.

Come hang out with Charlie Korch on drums, Michael Fermil on the mic/guitar, Erik Viel/ guitar , and  Steve Mays on bass!

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PLAYERS Sports Bar & Cafe
3101 Canton Road, Marietta, GA

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Open Mic

Buffalo to Dixie with Kate and Corey



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Kate and Corey are a Love Bird duo from the north that migrated south to follow their musical dream.I am GLAD they did because they ROCK!   Kate Shaffer and Corey Coleman are prolific songwriters of acoustic indie, alternative, and country music surviving on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, rice and crappy coffee.

“Kate and Corey have a fresh vibe with a chemistry reminiscent of Carter and Cash.“[nggallery id=647]

Within 2 weeks of landing in the ATL they came to Dixie Tavern‘s Monday Open Mic/Audition to perform on the same stage as Zac Brown. They are doing what it takes to get their name out in the ATL hitting every open mic they can and reaping some awards along the way by placing second in the coveted Drew Epton‘s  Craze Tavern Open Mic Competition.Prior to leaving NY they competed in the Texaco Country Showdown and won the NY State finals and will go on to compete in the regional in Hershey PA Oct 27 hoping to earn a spot in the Nationals in Nashville.
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Wanting to get to know them I had a few questions:

Kate when did you know you wanted to be a Musician?
The first time I knew I wanted to be a musician was after my first open mic in 2009 was at a bar called the Aud in Depew, NY

How did Kate and Corey start?
Kate and Corey started first off because we fell in love. When we started dating we were both in separate bands; Corey in a country band named 90 West and me in a classic rock band called Naughty Dawg. I convinced Corey to quit his day job because it made him SO miserable and I said,”Lets give music a fair shot. Quit your job…tomorrow.” He went in the next day and quit. About 2 or 3 months after that, we decided to give our bands notice and start doing music together full-time. We struggled horribly some months (making $300 total in a month and playing on the streets for change {p.s. this was only a year ago}but it kicked our butts and made us appreciate music as a career, and more importantly, each other.[nggallery id=644]

Tell us about Corey as a musical partner.
We have a unique relationship on stage the reason I say that is because we have so much chemistry on stage and off stage but it’s completely different. Corey is confident, wise, and so energetic on stage. I feel like I lean on him constantly in terms of playing guitar and he just makes me sound better. With our harmonies, it’s like I know what he’s going to do 2 seconds before he does it and it’s almost scary. Off stage, we’re just there for each other constantly; he really is my best friend.

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