On Friday the thirteenth I played hooky and went to watch the re-release of Titanic in 3D in the middle of the day.  The reason was to prepare myself to mark the 100 year mark since this tragedy on April 14-15, 1912.  The word titanic definition is of or relating to Titans, having a great stature or enormous strength, huge or colossal or of enormous scope, power, or influence.

I always find it curious that we remember more bad things in our history than good things. On April 14, 1912, the unsinkable ship hit an iceberg and sank at a bit after 2 AM on April 15.  

There is an excellent coffee table book on the sinking of the Titanic, titled: Titanic: The Unfolding Story by Carol King and Richard Havers which captures the details like no other publication I have read.

What makes Titanic: The Unfolding Story by Carol King and Richard Havers a good addition to any library is that it is a diary of a sort from firsthand accounts, newspaper clippings from the Daily Mirror, and a showcase of artifacts that give depth to this story.

I learned so many new things when reading this book and was really taken aback of the magnitude of this unsettling disaster. 1,513  perished in this unsinkable 45,000 ton ship with only 706 survivors.

Another valuable lesson to learn from this work is to think wow, how the world has dramatically changed in a one hundred years.  An age when there was no air travel, no internet, no instant communications.  How the information disseminated through the press and a time when you could not watch it live with your own eyes.

Another good aspect of this book is that it takes the reader past the event and brings everyone up to date on what happen after the sinking.

As to the movie, I have seen the James Cameron’s Titanic many times but this 3D version is one that will simply blow you away.  Hard to believe in the 1990s when it came out it was predicted to be a flop, many cost overruns and the release date kept being pushed back.  This story is based on the sinking of the Titanic but the fictional story tells about a survivor, Rose (Kate Winslet), and shares her experience.  This movie was meant to be in 3D, the bigger than life ship looks amazing on the big screen.  What I found interesting is how young Leonardo DiCapprio looks and how moving the story is.  I admit, I get a little teary eyed.  This is a must see big screen movie. It is a good love story with a simple message of making everyday count.

I plan to commemorate this day by visiting the newly opened Titanic exhibit at Atlanta Station and check out the musical Titanic at the Fabrefaction Theatre tonight.  They will host an after party to mark this historic occasion.

There will be more to come on reviews of these two events, but take a moment to mark this day, where so many lives were lost on the unsinkable ship, the Titanic.

Titanic Resources:

The Titanic: The Unfolding Story by Carol King and Richard Havers

2011 Haynes Publishing 226 pp

ISBN: 978-0-857331-67-0


The Musical Titanic at Fabrefaction Theatre – Featuring a cast of 46 actors and live orchestra reviving the haunting Tony Award Winner for Best Musical, Book, and Scope on the 100th Anniversary of the tragedy.

For tickets, visit: www.fabrefaction.org

Titanic the exhibit at Atlantic Station: http://www.titanicatlanta.com

Titanic movie site:  http://www.titanicmovie.com

Dr. Wilson Triviño is a speaker and writer for ABC Vision. He may be reached at [email protected] or www.T4Vista.com