Albert Einstein spent his entire life trying to figure out the ultimate formula for the universe and the key to the man-made construct of time.  What Wrinkle in Time beautifully does is challenge our notion of time travel and breaks it down into a simple wrinkle. Think about it, if you take a piece of cloth and run an insect across the top, it will take a long time. If you connect point A to point B with a wrinkle, it speeds the process up.

A Wrinkle in Time is part Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland,  and Orwells’s 1984 rolled into one fun play.

Meg (Emma Jackson) goes on an odyssey with her brother Charles Wallace (Andrew Crigler) and friend Calvin (Lowery Brown) to find the truth and connect with her long-lost father. What she ends up discovering is the secret of the universe.

This play is a fun, imaginary adventure that challenges our long-held beliefs. Utilizing multi-media, a fun dynamic set, and creative costuming, A Wrinkle in Time gives us a chance to test the mysteries of the universe.

Don’t miss out! Travel the hidden time portal, and rediscover the creative youthful imagination of dreams.

A Wrinkle In Time is running through May 6 at the Theatrical Outfit at the Balzer Theatre at Herren’s, where they share “stories that stir the soul.” For tickets and show times visit: or call 1.877.725.8849.