One of the most sophisticated ways to get your culture on in the city is to enjoy a cocktail, listen to great jazz, and check out some cool art.  This month’s third Friday jazz guest was none other than the city’s greatest crooner Joe Gransden.

Do note that there are only a few days left to check out a phenomenal collection at the High Museum of Art. On display through April 29 at the High Museum of Art is a collection of approximately 100 works titled, “Picasso to Warhol: Fourteen Modern Masters”.  14 of those artists are iconic and well-known. This is in partnership with The Museum of Modern Art in New York, and will be on view only in Atlanta.

What makes it unique is that these are artists who broke away from tradition and blazed their own paths.  As we live in a turbulent world, it is good to break away from the perilous daily news and experience the beauty of art created within a period of change.

With a wide and open lay out within the museum, it allows the viewer to move from piece to piece and interact with the art. Picasso redefined the lines in cubism and his later works and reworked the table, whereas Warhol removed the table and just displayed the can of soup.

There are audio headsets available, but if you prefer you can use your personal iPhone or scanning device and point it on the painting. It will bring up an interactive array of information about that particular piece. It’s a really cool way to delve deeper into the subject as you stand right in front of it.

Picasso to Warhol is a must see exhibit that delves into the mystery of these transformational artists.

Next Saturday April 28, the Museum will be open until 2 AM, including a DJ spinning tunes and lots of cool surprises.   Get inspired and check out the Picasso to Warhol – Fourteen Modern Masters.

For details on tickets and more information visit:

Here’s a short video of this April 20 Third Friday Jazz night featuring Joe Gransden . . .