Spiritual guru and author of 67 books, Dr. Deepak Chopra lectured at Georgia State University (GSU) on April 12.

This visit also coincided with a national book tour of his latest book Spiritual Solutions: Answers to Life’s Greatest Challenge.

 Before a several thousand person audience in the GSU’s sports arena, Chopra spoke a bit over two hours without a break. Even though he admitted he was harboring a cold, Chopra’s talk seemed more like a graduate level lecture than a book lecture. The speech revolved around life, love, and success.

He began to review his philosophy of the body, the mind, and the soul.  Our bodies are composed of bits of pieces of matter from the universe. Most comes from energy from the stars, hydrogen, oxygen and matter. These bodies are not static, they are always changing and rebuilding, Chopra noted that the last time he was in Atlanta, he brought the same suit case but not the same body. His current 2012 model was giving the lecture that night.  One interesting fact was that we breathe in and out ten to the twenty second atoms each time. To collectively we are inhaling each other and have bits and pieces of everything that ever was, from Jesus, Buddha, or a peasant in India.

Second, our minds are embodied processors of energy and thoughts. As in his lecture, we transformed vibrations into thoughts and ideas. The brain is future broken down into the part that does all the functions, the creative part, and the primitive part.

Third, if you stand still and listen to the listener and feel a presence then that is your soul. Not the one that is telling us what to do, but the awareness.  This soul and consciousness is what makes us unique, what connects us to the universe.

That awareness is that is ever present and no-local. This awareness was with us as babies, as young adults, and today. Our bodies change, but the awareness is always the same that is our soul. He believes if we worked together to solve our world’s problems we would be in a much better place. He cited that the predator becomes the prey. We humans are endangering our world with our predator tendencies.

Chopra recommends that in our hurried lives we take time to “be”, we are human beings. To think, reflect, and allow the universe to answer our questions and wants. We are all simply bundles of energy that is non-local.  He cited the example of electricity, it is everywhere, but when focused it lights up a light bulb, a machine, or creates a spark.

As we face our problems in everyday life, we need to change our perception. He gave an excellent analogy, if you are in a dark room and bump into things, this can be a real pain. But if we are given a flash light then we can see that these obstacles can be useful. A chair, to sit in, a sofa to lie on, or a phone to call a friend is a few.  The idea situation is to be in a glass room and feel the light of the universe on our obstacles and be one with the cosmos.

Chopra spoke of our perception, how words, emotions can affect us.  If we are in love, a nurturing conversation that says “I love you” can give us endorphins that give us great pleasure. If we hear the same words and are going through a divorce, our body produces steroids and adds stress.

This lecture was filled with so many ideas, but they are really universal truths.  Chopra did lead the audience in a meditation.

To learn more about Deepak Chopra visit: www.DeepakChopra.com or read one of his many works. His institute is located in Carlsbad, California, about an hour south of Los Angeles, half way to San Diego.  I have been many times and it is a great place to visit and recharge with your purpose.

Be sure to pick up a copy of his latest book:

Spiritual Solutions: Answers to Life’s Greatest Challenges

By Deepak Chopra

  • ISBN-10: 0307719170
  • ISBN-13: 978-0307719171

Publisher: Harmony; 1 edition (March 27, 2012)

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Deepak Chopra, M.D.
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