Within the first few moments the yelling starts, the dialogue picks up speed, the guilt was in full force.  Add a few more crucifixes and family photos and Dios Mio! (my god) you will be at a my mama’s house.  No not really, but this is the start of El Insólito Caso de Miss Piña Colada at the Teatro del Sol at Aurora Theatre that beautifully captures the Latino frame of mind.

This show is a hilarious peek into a family whose matriarch Ofelia (Rose Bianco) will stop at nothing to reclaim their family’s honor. This widow keeps the faith and seeks guidance from her late husband, whose dominate portrait rest in a prominent spot in the family room.

It all started with rumors flying all around the town, confirmed by her BFF Esperancita (María Eugenia Arboleda), Ofelia dreams up the perfect plan. To have her daughter Loreley (Bianca Agüero) compete in the coveted Miss Piña Colada beauty pageant.  This will once and for all secure an honorable place for their family.

The adventure begins as she guilts her family to follow her plan.

This play is in Spanish with simultaneous subtitled translation. It is raw in your face look into the normalcy of today’s modern family.

This hilarious play will have you yelling Dios Mio! (my god) before its end.

So stroll down the happy theatre off the Lawrenceville Square, Aurora Theatre and check out El Insólito Caso de Miss Piña Colada playing through April 29.  For tickets and show times visit: www.auroratheatre.com or call the box office at (678)226-6222.