As part of an ensemble cast of a corrupt faction of the NYPD, Detective Kolfax is a rough around the edges undercover New York City police detective who takes no prisoners. He is a man on a mission using a glock 9mm and a shot-gun in most of the scenes, and answers to a nefarious Captain Wolf, expertly played by veteran actor Robert John Burke (Army Wives, Rescue Me).

Burke: ” I would refer to Jay Giannone as ‘the real thing’. By virtue of his life experience, having grown up in Southie, rough upbringing, filled with constant struggle, and rising above his circumstances, what he brings to his art is anchored in real life experience. As an actor, his dedication, professionalism, integrity and good nature, are second to none. The proof is in his performance.”

Giannone: “I feel very connected to the characters in this film. It’s great when you can connect with the film in that way. It’s very entertaining and not just a bang bang shoot him up fight film. It has depth, and a fantastic story line.”Burke: “When I watch Jay’s portrayal of Det. Kolfax in the feature film SAFE, my only impression is, “…this guy is ‘the real thing’!” I have the greatest respect for his person and talents and it was a pleasure and privilege  to get to work with him.”Now in theaters SAFE made it’s US debut on April 26 and will be distributed to an additional 18 countries worldwide thru July 2012.
Jay Giannone Biography: Growing up in the Old Harbor Projects of South Boston Jay got his start as a performer in “The Floor Lords” break dancing crew. After a record deal he was signed to fell through, he left for Los Angeles and set his sights on a career in Hollywood. He began auditioning which landed his first role-playing a drug dealer in the television series “Pacific Blue”.  In 2006 he served as technical advisor to Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio on the feature film “The Departed”, offering his insights on South Boston’s Irish mob politics. Giannone’s perspective contributed significantly to DiCaprio’s grasp of the role of Billy, an undercover State Police officer.  In 2009 he wrote and directed “Diamond In The Rough”, a short film which won the Boston Film Night Audience Award.  That same year he also wrote, directed, produced and starred in the full length feature “Scalpers” based on his real life experience as a sports ticket scalper in Boston.  As an actor, he has appeared in several television shows including the HBO hit series “Entourage” which was based on the real Hollywood life experience with childhood friend Mark Wahlberg.  His feature film roles include box office hits “Confidence”, “Gone Baby Gone”,  “Three Kings”, and “The Game Plan”.  Most recently Giannone stars as Detective Kolfax, a corrupt undercover NYC police official in the upcoming crime-action film “SAFE” directed by Boaz Yakin and recently wrapped filming of “The Iceman” directed by Ariel Vromen.

About SAFE
Lionsgate and IM Global present in association with Automatik a Lawrence Bender production in association with Trigger Street Productions and 87Eleven, Inc. Written and directed by Boaz Yakin.