MatzoKomics was hosted by HT Rosen and Jordan Stylez, a pair of comics otherwise know as A Jew and a Black Guy. The duo kept the audience revved up throughout the evening with raffles, witty one-liners, and their intelligent play off of stereotypical views.

David Boyd started off the evening with light-hearted tales of getting divorced and then happily remarried. Madeline Hatter soon followed with short stories of growing up as a goth in Florida.

David Jaffe, a young talent currently attending Georgia Tech, expressed his feelings of the university not really being a college, but an “institution” for people like himself, who are unable to function in society. While serving as a camp counselor, he received dating advice from 9 year old’s. His response to these kids consisted of the snappy comeback, “What do you know, you’re 9?!”. He was just hoping they wouldn’t follow up with the words “What do you know? You go to Georgia Tech!?”. For a newer comic he seemed very comfortable on the stage and kept everything rolling for the rest of the evening.

Jamie Ward provided a different kind of comedy for the evening. As he still joked about typical stereotypes, he also told of how when he was in the military on patrol, others would be saying “I can’t wait to get back to base so we can play Call of Duty!” He remarked that if he really wanted go back and do exactly what he does at work, he is very lucky he doesn’t do taxes for a living.

Feenaum another young talent provided tales of his time in New York where a woman threw him the finger -a prosthetic finger that is. Feenaum was able to enhance his comedy with various sound effects, which kept the audience’s attention throughout his act.

Kim Huapaya was able to share a relatable story of being young and dating in Atlanta. She often revealed her inner dork by telling her dates that they reminded her of Dragon Ball Z characters.

Dwayne Jackson shared the story of stealing his first porn at a young age, and the confusion that followed when he and his friends discovered that it was a transvestite porn!

Bo Micadellic finished of the night with honest jokes of society’s insensitivity towards the homeless, and explained how that if we just brought back gladiator battles, it would not only help out with the overpopulation issues, but it would also be some great entertainment.

Over all, I found every act to be extremely comfortable on stage and they were able to interact more with the audience in such an intimate setting at The Basement Theatre. I thoroughly enjoyed the event! I found A Jew and A Black Guy to be the highlight of my evening and they were the best hosts possible.