Erin Considine, Andrew Houchins

The New American Shakespeare Tavern continues its comedy series with the production of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing running through April 29.

This comedy is more than simply slapstick three stooges funny, it’s about the ironies of life. It also was written during a dark period of Shakespeare’s life, he had lost his son Hamnet a few years earlier. This is also known as his “mature comedies”, which include Much Ado About Nothing (c. 1598), As You Like it (c.1599), and Twelfth Night (c. 1601-2).  They all include comic heroines and explore a part of the man/woman relationship.

However, the central them is an affirmation of faith, in life, in one another, and in humanity.

This tale follows the female Hero (Kathryn Lawson) and male Claudio (Jonathan Horne), they meet, they fall in love, they have a fight and then make up.  Then comes in Benedick (Andrew Houchins) and Beatrice (Erin Considine) who have an attraction but deny it to themselves until in the end love conquer and they end up happily ever after.

There are many other unsuspecting surprises but in most Shakespeare plays he delves hard into the conflict that arises in our daily lives. Our perceptions are often not what they may seem.

The Great American Shakespeare Tavern theatre is a portal into simpler time. The Atlanta Shakespeare Company also has the rare distinction of having produced Shakespeare entire folio and productions are always a treat to experience.

Much Ado About Nothing runs through April 29, for tickets and show times visit: or call the box office at (404)874-5299.