Peelander Z with TBB's photographer, Nate Thiel (with beard)


Are you ready for this? Are you really ready? Well, I don’t think you’re ready. I’ll have to check back in when I return from the show from another planet.

Seriously, the Peelander-Z show was out of this world! It was like we were in a universe created by Edgar Wright (the man who wrote the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World). Everything had a sign for it and the music was exactly the way you would imagine it to be, if you were in the dramatic storyline of a super hero comic book. Their show was on a whole new level. They had complete and total audience involvement, and they fed on that. They made it fun. Their show is so action packed that each member of the band is highlighted at some point in during the show. One of the high points included Peelander Red stepping out into the crowd with his guitar, suspended from the banister, as he proceeded to play upside down. Even better was the crowd limbo, baseball, and human bowling. There is not a show that can compare to these guys.

The music is exactly what you would expect from a punk band, and yet their style is revolutionary. It reminded me of soundtracks from TV shows and movies from years ago, specifically Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, maybe even Speed Racer.

The band taught lessons during their songs, like you should only order steak in “Medium Rare” and “Mad Tiger.” The song “So Many Mike” explains how Peelander Yellow can only love you if you are wearing glasses.

I had a blast, they had a blast, there is no one in the world, or outside this world, that wouldn’t have fun at this show. It rids you of your shyness and introduces you to a whole new world. If only this band and genre could be more mainstream, these guys would get the recognition they deserve and change the concert world forever. I honestly don’t know if I can enjoy another concert as much as I did this one. I hope other bands take note of their shows and learn from them.