Peter Pan has lost his shadow and it is loose in Atlantic Station! Join the Center for Puppetry Arts and Atlantic Station in this exciting chance to win FREE tickets to Peter Pan!

Atlanta, Georgia- I am always amazed of the remarkable talent at the Center for Puppetry Arts. This hidden gem puts on top quality shows with stories for kids of all ages.

Peter Pan is no exception and is running through May 27.

This tale of a girl who dreams big, discovers she can fly with the help from her friend Peter Pan. The boy, Peter Pan, that is destined to never grow up resides in the wondrous Neverland.

This young girl Wendy along with her brothers set out for an adventure to fight pirates, experience mermaids, and be free to imagine the impossible.

This full house filled with children’s laughter makes this Peter Pan special. For the kids, they not only discover a good story but are introduced to the magic of theatre.

In the post show demonstration, the puppeteers show case the puppets used. Mostly rod and shadow puppets were used in this production. They are decorated with special paints that glow in black lights while the puppetries are dressed in black and magically disappear.  With a little multimedia placed in, this creates the ultimate 3D experience.

Peter Pan runs through May 27 at the Center for Puppetry Arts, for tickets and show times visit:  or call (404)873-3391.