On a beautiful spring Saturday afternoon in Georgia, if the house is packed at the matinée, it’s a true sign of a good show and great theatre company. The ultimate tribute to the man in black, Ring of Fire: the Johnny Cash Musical Show, at the Georgia Ensemble Theatre in Roswell, is well worth missing out on some weekend sunshine.

This event is the ultimate way to experience a taste of the wide breadth of the legacy of Johnny Cash’s music.  This musical cast weaves in and out of the performance, and whereas Cash could do them all alone, it took a cast of seven to achieve.

The start is simple, “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash,” and the odyssey begins.

The dynamic nature of Cash’s folio crosses every imagined sound – country, rock & roll, rockabilly, and the list goes on.

One reason I connect with the music is that Cash spoke to the heart of the common man.  He had no premise, he didn’t put on airs. He sang from the depths of his soul.

Cash was no saint, and like the rest of us, he wrestled with his demons. But regardless of his offenses, he moved forward and lived his life to the fullest until the end.

This year would have marked his eightieth birthday. It’s hard to believe that he has been gone since 2003.

My favorite standouts of the show were “Folsom Prison” where it seemed the piano took on a life of its own. The violin also shined as Scott Depoy weaved in and out with his magic fingers. All the performers were fantastic.

The performance of “Hurt” always brings a tear to my eyes as the lyrics “I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel”, express the message of a man who has lost it all.

Overall, Ring of Fire, is a must see show to pause and celebrate the life of the Man in Black. I guarantee you will leave wanting more. You will laugh, cry, and sing along to some good ol’ Johnny Cash tunes.

Roswell Ensemble Theatre is ramping up for a celebration of their twentieth year this September. After 115 productions, this theatre company is going strong.  Bravo!

Ring of Fire: the Johnny Cash Musical Show runs through Sunday, April 29th.

For details on tickets and shows visit: http://www.get.org/