The Backstage Beat had the opportunity to interview Uncle Ted Nugent recently and thought who better to submit questions than gun toting, hard drumming, local musician/producer/basset hound herder, Mike Froedge. You can see Mike currently playing drums for local Atlanta band, The Dreaded Marco. The interview is featured in our June issue of The TBB Mini Magazine. Here it is in full:

TBB –  Much has been made of your affection for hunting, and your NRA activism…. But all of the animal-rights drama seems to have left little room for your opinions on self-defense as it relates to guns. Being a gun enthusiast myself, I have an old Ruger P-89 9mm that I love to carry… And I like a smaller Ruger LC-9 or LCP for the warmer, non-jacket months. So I have to ask this one first: Do you regularly carry a handgun for defense, and do you have a favorite?…

TN – Your assertions and questions indicate a terrible disconnect in light of my nonstop year round media carpet-bombing and writings in dozens of publications celebrating my clear understanding of the 2nd Amendment and my absolutism for the self-evident truth based individual right and obvious responsibility of self-defense. My 2nd Amendment celebration and promotion for more than 40 years has always focused on our Founding Fathers’ clear and unambiguous intent to guarantee our individual God-given right to keep and bear arms for self-defense. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with recreational considerations. Hunting is a whole ‘nother topic altogether. Your choices for personal protection are certainly good choices overall. Everyone knows unarmed and helpless is an irresponsible condition, therefore I have never been unarmed and helpless. All my guns are my favorite, but the Glock 10mm is my constant companion.

TBB – Well, Ted, let’s jump right on into the fire and get one of the most recent controversies I’ve seen regarding you out of the way early: What’s your response to the recent allegations being passed around on the Internet that you starved, soiled, and generally abused yourself into a near-death condition to avoid the military draft back in the day, and please address how that relates to, and how some would say it conflicts with, your current stance on the military, patriotism, etc.?

TN – Again, this subject has been put to rest hundreds of times in media across the land, but I will repeat it for those not paying attention. It never happened. I registered for the draft and was never called up.  That was 44 years ago. The hysterical story of avoiding the draft was parodied in hippie publications for the entertainment of true comedy aficionados everywhere. My absolute patriotism is irrefutable and definitive to all who care to look into it.

TBB –  Your stances on political and social issues seem to have taken center-stage recently, but what have you been working on lately, musically speaking? I see that there are a couple new songs available on your website, available to mailing list subscribers…. Is there more new Nuge on the way soon? A full-length, perhaps?

TN – My music is a force to reckon with and has a life of its own. We are currently celebrating the greatest tour of my life with the most intense, high energy, tightest band on earth. It is deliriously gratifying and inspiring. I abuse my guitar on a daily basis and am constantly creating pure, raw fun American R&B&R&R masterpieces. We hope to wrangle studio time ASAP to capture the ultimate fun dance track for animal lovers everywhere.

TBB – I also see that you’re on the road in May… How long is that tour going to continue, and do you have any interesting opening acts tagging along?

TN – We rock all spring and summer. Derek St Holmes, Mick Brown and Greg Smith and I are The Nigerian Rebels. We are sons of James Brown, Chuck Berry and Little Richard. We are the last of the high energy MotorCity roustabouts playing the best damn music in the world.

TBB – I know you’ve probably been asked this a thousand times already, but what was your recent encounter with the Secret Service like?… Were they trying to be intimidating and threatening, or were they reasonable when you met with them?

TN – They conducted themselves as the consummate professionals that I have always known them to be. They knew damn well I threatened no one but had a duty to investigate even though they knew the Ted haters lied through their teeth about me. It was a pleasant encounter.

TBB – On a related note…. do you share my opinion that making our WORDS a crime violates the 1st Amendment? That it leads to Orwellian “thought crimes” kind of thinking?  I’m of the opinion that SAYING something and DOING something are two VERY different things… Thoughts?

TN – Bingo.

TBB –  You have so much going on in so many directions right now, it’s hard to keep up… Online content, media appearances, TV show, radio show, books, your own coffee, signature ammo!… Holy crap, do you sleep!? Can you give us a quick run-down on where and when people can see and hear Ted Nugent on a regular basis? Other than the aforementioned tour, of course.

TN – I have always surrounded myself with the very best of the best, so we accomplish Herculean tasks via our Herculean work ethic and professionalism. I have a lot more going on than what you list above, because my team are all killers. A visit to can give you an idea of just how beautiful the American Dream can be if you put your heart and soul into everything you do. It is wonderful.

TBB –  Let’s talk about the coffee some more. I’m a self-described coffee-junkie, and I wanna know more about this! What brought about this idea?

TN – In my many writings over the years I have oft repeated the spiritual aroma of killer coffee at our various hunting camps around the world, and how much we enjoy great joe. A custom coffee brewer contacted me and offered to show me their killer specialty brews, we were all very impressed, and Nuge Java was born. Try some of it and let me know what you think. We love it.

TBB – Where can we get it? 

TN– and 800-217-1029

TBB –  Considering that this is the 35th Anniversary of Cat Scratch Fever, and that you were out there making the rock LONG before that…. Tell us…. when you were recording and burning up the road with your first band back in the day, still pretty much a KID… did you have ANY idea you’d end up being the polarizing, controversial, love him or hate him guy you are today?… LOL

TN –  Had no idea, but when you fight for good over evil like I do, the line drawn in the sand is both necessary and very telling. My side fights for justice and all things good, the other side for Marxism and all things hate America. It’s a beautiful thing really.

TBB – Lastly… You obviously still have a very loyal and rabid fan base, and always will for as long as you choose to make music…. But does it concern you that in recent years your very outspoken political and social stances have largely overshadowed your musical output, as far as the media is concerned, and that younger generations know you less as “Ted Nugent, the guitar god” and more as “Ted Nugent, the loud-mouth gun nut and guy who’d hunt dinosaurs if they were still around”?

Tn – No. The music is still a powerful positive force that positive people will always share and celebrate. The haters have their dope and Che. Thank you Lord.