Men and women have been trying to go beyond the “hook up” and create a long-lasting bond since the days of Adam and Eve.

Now, here comes another spin to the web that women weave in order to catch a “good”man. Based on Steve Harvey’s bestselling book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, the movie Think Like a Man puts these words into action.

It seeks to set the record straight on the type of men out there: the player, the mama’s boy, the dreamer, the non-committal, the divorce guy, and the married man.

In this tale, a group of guys are on the prowl and each seeks to find someone special. The women are ready for the hunt and show up armed with the shield from “the book”.

It’s a cute, whimsical, and hard-hitting tale, as these couples find out that love cannot be found with a roadmap or formula, but has to be an odyssey of vulnerability and self discovery.

A good movie, but should be not be a date movie. It would only add pressure to the typically high first date “standards”.

As a single guy, it also adds to the complexity of trying to fit the ideal mold of the perfect man. I am way beyond perfect and hence my relationship status is best described as “complicated”.  That word really is what sums up relationships between men and women.

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