Photo by Paul Zaloom

In a show that clearly should have been called “no stereotypes left behind”, White Like Me: A Honky Dory Puppet Show at the Center for Puppetry Arts was a venture into the white man’s world.

This one man show, performed by Paul Zaloom with help from a wide array of puppets, is a curious tale of identity.

Zaloom, most famously known for his role as the wacky scientist Beackman in Beackman’s World, did maintain his coolness in this the intense ninety minute performance.

The show starts off with a ventriloquist bit, as a puppet named Butch comes to life from being stored in a box since 1962.  This wooden side kick’s mindset is still stuck in the 60’s. Zaloom brings him up to date to the changes that have been made in the world.

Quickly the audience discovers from Butch that it is tough to be a white man in a world full of color. So Butch suggests to Zaloom that he put on a show about being a “white man”.

Zaloom uses everyday objects to make his puppets come to life as he uses edgy dialogue and pop culture symbolism to tell this story on the big screen projected show from his small puppet stage.

It’s quirky and silly but the message is clear; if you don’t give others a chance and accept those around you, you will become the victim of your own biases. It’s a lesson that regardless of our own identity, we need to take to heart.

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