Professor, What’s another word for pirate’s treasure?




Well, I think its booty.


Booty.  Asheville’s green mountain jam kings and queen, Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, (the Booty Band) are indeed a treasure.  In front of a lively mid afternoon crowd at the 420 Fest, this gifted and forward-looking act brought it and made sure that every badonkadonk within earshot was shakin’!


Led by the effervescent and violet banged Mary Frances, and the flat-out cut up, aerobic bass player, Al Al Ingram, the Booty Band reminds us why we love festivals – they are fun!

With steady, nasty beats from drummer Lee Allen, and Derrick Johnson and Greg Hollowell rounding out a horn section that freaks the funk, the Booty Band is gonna take us over – one cheek at a time.  Add guitarist (and Tommy Lee look-a-like) JP Miller’s high flying solos, and you’ve got a sextet that gets a crowd jumping.

Frances soulfully pleads with us not “to play games with her heart.”  Yet she slyly plays with ours, at one point shaking what her mama gave her while playing the key tar behind her head.  How could we not fall in love with her, Atlanta?

Soon after, Al Al reminds us with clenched fist and rippling triceps that, “These are indeed the precious moments”.  He wants to know, “Can we take you somewhere?”

From behind her wooden Moog, Mary Frances answers for us, declaring, “We won’t stop ‘til we make it.”

From Blowing Rock to Buckhead, Ashville to Ansley Park, I speak for the hipsters, the frat boys, the in-town hotties, and hula hoop smoke monsters – put us on the bus and take us there.  We won’t stop until we make it.

Photos © 2012 Emily Kelsey