An interesting feeling descends upon a person, when the band who helped provide the soundtrack of one’s youth decides to retire. A double day of doom arrived when I found the news of both Thursday and Thrice announcing the end of the road for each band. I recall my first time listening to Thrice; it was a horrific three disc compilation purchased far back in the day, around the time of the Salem witch trials. Now be it that this precious piece of plastic contained such wonderful items as tracks from Papa Roach’s days as a shitty Punk band, there was some retribution on it; that retribution essentially being the two tracks from Thrice. Of course, these tracks wouldn’t even be noticeable as Thrice by fans now, but they gave me a reason to not regret my purchase.

Fast forward to the present day, and I must say honestly that I hadn’t listened to Thrice in a while. They still held a spot in my youth, and to realize that their days were over was a self-realization for me as a person. Something that had a strong connection to my youth was finished, and I thought about how long it had been exactly since then. So naturally a state of melancholy embraced me like a high school Neo-Goth kid’s armor of Tripp clothing. After a few drinks though, I accepted the truth and moved along, but that didn’t change the fact that I was still bummed that Thrice would be no more. I immediately felt the need to cover this, be it a self-righteous need or whatever, since I wanted a voice in the end. I wanted to tell you how it ended.

I entered the situation on this night, with my mind running through an endless number of ideas of how this could possibly go, but in the summation of things it all landed on one hope – that I could capture the feeling that I had when I was 15. No matter how small of a moment that might exist in, just to go back and remember those times when there wasn’t any concern in my mind, except for music. But that moment didn’t come, instead I just felt like it was any other show that really had no connection with me.

Our native boys O’ Brother started off the night with a set that showed what Atlanta has to offer, a style that rings of difference. They carried out a hometown show that showcased their passion for what they do, a form of music that sticks out in a way that can’t be pinpointed, but multiple genres can be heard. They’ve definitely have a road ahead of them that is yet to be defined, but will certainly be looked at as amazing.

Animals As Leaders followed through with what you always get with them – ridiculously intricate music, with a background of images that flow with the music. When you see them live it’s more about just getting lost in the music. Each time that I’ve seen them it’s been the same show, so you just have to listen to the music and block out everything else. You do have to have a taste for this band to really enjoy them though. So if instrumental is not your thing, then more than likely Animals As Leaders will not be your cup of tea. On the other hand though, if you are open to different things. then they may just be something that will actually hit a nerve with you.

As I stood around waiting for Thrice to grace the crowd with their presence, the idea of this being the last time I would get to see them hadn’t entered my mind. The only thing I could think about was whether or not after being a fan over the course of all of these years, I would be let down. As they began to play an immediate vibe hit me from them, and while the rest of the crowd might have not noticed it, I knew why they were calling it quits. They clearly were not feeling it anymore, even though their performance was top-notch and great, it honestly seemed forced. Even though the songs were performed to high standards and they were moving about on stage, it just seemed to all be lacking any passion. I will not say that it was a let down, because for what it was the show itself was great. The band’s love for what they’ve been doing is not there anymore, and I completely understand that. I think anyone there could appreciate the fact that after years of great music, the well has just run dry. All I can really say is that I am glad that they put as much as they could into the show, instead of truly not caring for what they presented, but it just wasn’t the same.

Maybe one day they’ll feel that spark again as a band, but until then there is nothing to do but wait and dwell on the memories.