A slight twist from the normal Bard repertoire, the New American Shakespeare Tavern takes on a new adventure in The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer.

These fourteenth century classics are one of the most enduring contributions to English literature.

The collection of six tales blend in modern puppets, vernacular, and simple silliness to take on the old themes of love, lust, and revenge. The broad human qualities are humorously told by these extremely talented thespians.

In this odyssey you will discover the secrets of what women really want and a kiss can heat up any situation.  What I really liked from these short snippets tales is that they are timeless and you can’t help but laugh and share in secret oasis found on Peachtree at the good ‘ole tavern.

The Canterbury Tales run through May 27, for details visit:  www.ShakespeareTavern.com