Proceeds benefit the Mitt Lenix Memorial Scholarship Fund founded by Ashley Filitor

The Mitt Lenix Memorial fund has been set up in conjunction with the family and friends of the Lenix Family and Starlight Drive-In Theatre to further the awareness of martial arts in the Atlanta area.

Throughout Mitt’s lifetime he personally taught and mentored hundreds of students who have entered the doors.

The Lenix family has owned and operated martial arts training schools for over 20 years and have taught many students young and old, self-discipline, inner-peace and respect of human life through the teachings of martial arts.

Currently, the Lenix family martial arts studio is located just south of Atlanta in Stockbridge, Georgia. The school is currently home to over 100 students who attend classes on a daily basis.

At Neighbor’s Pub, Thursday May 31st, 8PM
752-C N. Highland Ave
Atlanta GA 30306
$5 suggested donation

Show is put on by Bren Allison, founder of Hysterical EventsĀ