This Friday, June 1st, English Nick of 97.1 The River will host the third annual Cruefest Atlanta charity event, set to take place include THE UNSATISFIED, HELLYEN, CITIZEN ICON, DURTY ROCKSTAR (featuring former GYPSY PISTOLERO bassist AARON “ANGEL” LEE), a one night only reunion of THE LIVING ABORTIONS and to close event Motley Crue tribute band DR. FEELGOOD OF ATLANTA!

For more than 10 years, the event known as “Crüefest” has promoted bands that follow in the spirit of the rock band Motley Crüe. The charity events are held throughout the year at various locations around the world to spotlight these bands and to raise money for the Skylar Neil Foundation.

The 3rd annual Crüefest Atlanta charity event is set to take place June 1, 2012, and will once again be held at the 10 High Club in Atlanta, GA. Attendees are asked to come celebrate the miracle of life with us and help raise funds to continue the fight against childhood diseases. The highlight of Crüefest Atlanta is the opportunity for Motley Crüe fans to come together and have a great time while raising money for a worthy cause.

We caught up with Steve Fasone to talk a little about this event and his involvement in it.

TBB:  How did you get involved with this charity?

Steve: In 2008, I attended a Cruefest charity event in Orlando. I had a lot of fun and really wanted to bring this positive event to Atlanta. I contacted Cruefest Inc. and asked for permission to hold a Cruefest charity event in Atlanta. They gave me guide lines and tips on how to organize a successful event.

The Cruefest charity events started in 2001 as a way for Motley Crue fans to get together and help Vince Neil’s charity The Skylar Neil Foundation. A charity named after Vince’s 4-year-old daughter who passed away from cancer in 1995. The Skylar Neil Foundation uses the funds to help cancer research and also help children suffering with cancer, leukemia and AIDS.

The first Cruefest charity event was held at the Whiskey a Go-GO in Hollywood.  Since then it has grown into an annual event that fans from across the world travel to. Fans from New England, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Cleveland, Orlando, Canada and Australia picked up on what was happening in Hollywood and stared their own Cruefest charity events. The funds raised from those events were donated to charities picked by the members of Motley Crue including the Skylar Neil Foundation.

After receiving permission from Cruefest Inc., I contacted Curtis Clark at the 10 High Club. I shared my idea’s and asked him if he would be interested in making this event happen. Curtis was beyond supportive and stepped up with ideas to make it a successful evening. We promoted the event through myspace, youtube and various music websites. Our first 2 Cruefest Atlanta Charity Events have raised nearly $8,000.

TBB: Is there a chance you guys will expand and change venues in the future?

Steve: The 10 High Club is the home of the Cruefest Atlanta Charity Event. They donate a full equipment backline for the bands and the venue for free. We did look into other clubs to see if they could match what the 10 High is donating. Other venues have told us that we would have to pay for some of those items. We have been able to donate 100% of the funds we raised to our charities thanks to the 10 High Club.

TBB: What can you tell me about what have you personally seen as the response and impact for the charity itself?

Steve:  Since we started the Cruefest Atlanta Charity Event, we have been able to help locally along with the larger picture of the Skylar Neil Foundatin. The largest impact we have seen personally is the growth and support of our community. Through Cruefest, we have been able to donate items to events for Richard Kannady, Lana Turner, The Boynton Family and the Langston family.

One of the attractions about this event is that we recreate actual Motley Crue touring stages. This year we are bringing back the style of the Shout at the Devil tour stage. We used it in the 2008 event and have had many requests to recreate that stage again. We have made sure to have great raffle and auction items that are defiantly unique to this event! A lot of our auction items are donated by local businesses and artists like Carol Bache Esthetics, The Rockbox, The Edible Canvas, Dr. Bombays, Charity Lindop and more! We also have a lot of support from Jagemeister! I am sure everyone will be walking away with something from our sponsors.

Our big-ticket item this year is a Nikki Sixx Epiphone Thunderbird bass. In order for us to give it away, we must sell 100 $5 raffle tickets. All of those who buy raffle tickets will have a chance to win the Nikki Sixx bass at the end of the night. If your raffle ticket is drawn as a winner earlier in the night it will still be eligible to win the bass! Again, only if we sell 100 tickets!

TBB:  Any particular act you are super excited about seeing?

Steve:  That is a hard question to answer. In the past, all bands performed nothing but Motley Crue songs. We have had bands like The Julia Dream, The Swear, Program the Dead and Rock City Dropouts blow the roof off the 10 High Club.

The only difference this year is that the bands will be performing a 30 minute set that will also include their own music. We are excited to have Hellyen, The Unsatisfied, Durty Rockstar, Citizen Icon, the one night only reunion of The Living Abortions featuring Chris Cox on vocals and Dr. Feelgood of Atlanta who will close the night with songs chosen by Motley Crue fans on our facebook page! I am 100% positive this night will be a blast and it’s all for the love of the children who benefit from Skylar Neil Foundation!