I had a direct experience with someone who seemed to be allergic to everything. I dated a woman who had severe allergies; it seemed that everything affected her.  She did not complain she just adapted and did the best she could to live a normal life.

It is hard to imagine a life where comfort food could not make you feel better and the ingredient list determines how the evening was going to turn out.  My friend’s allergies began as an adult, so at least she lived for a time allergy free.

Beasley is also one of the estimated 14 million Americans that have severe allergies.  She describes it as her body reacting to certain elements around her. A doctor told her once it was like the game where you put a peg in a corresponding cut out. Her body take in food, breaks it down and when they fit to these certain “cut outs” the body reacts.

Beasley is very open of her life and even delves into how it impacts her relationships, the ability to have spontaneous sex, and the many trips to the emergency room.  She explains how she begins to react  when exposed to an allergen.

This book is an insightful read into someone’s life who suffers from many allergies, but it will hopefully garner compassion from those who don’t comprehend allergies.  Even with all of her troubles, Beasley is charming, witty, and funny as she makes light of a complex situation. She dares to live in a world that at times seems to be against her.

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I first got to learn of Sandra Beasley at the SCAD Ivy Hall Lecture series where she spoke.

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Book Details:

Don’t Kill the Birthday Girl: Tales from an Allergic Life By Sandra Beasley

2012 Broadway Paperbacks 240 pp

ISBN: 978-0-307-58812-8


Photo credit: Matthew Wordman