This time the crew at gloATL had overtaken the skate park in the Old Fourth Ward in “the search for the exceptional”.  They blended into the scenery as the music and tunes reflected a baby boomer post industrial sound, with snippets from John Kennedy, Jr., Martin Luther King to Elvis and Ray Charles.

The row of Ipads blended a video montage of these vintage dressed dolls submerged in water.  While one dancer was at the bottom of the deep end,  others revolved around the edge of the pool.

The free flowing skaters made for a fun contrast between contemporary dance and the slick glide of a free flowing skateboarder.

The skies were misty and gave for a mystic view of downtown.

The diverse crowd became a part of the performance as they simply watched in awe.  Choreographer Lauri Stallings has succeeded in enhancing space and celebrating community.

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