Imran Ahmad admits he is an unlikely candidate to be a man of mystery. His family hails from Pakistan, but he grew up in England. He also admits that counter to popular belief, Muslims are quite boring and in his book The Perfect Gentleman, A Muslim Boy Meets the West, he chronicles his rather boring life.

Well, not really boring, but actually trying to dismiss certain stereotypes that have evolved since the post 9/11 world.

In his lecture at the Carter Presidential Library on May 2, Ahman made a stop as he journeys on a fifty city book tour.

Filled with humor and anecdotal stories, Ahman acknowledges that he when first read the description of James Bond in Fleming book, he fit it. Besides that, Bond likes Vodka, cigarettes, and women, where he belongs in that league and not too different in taste.

What makes this book useful is that it personalized a people that have become a target of mistrust.

He wrote this book simply because he wanted to be a writer and wrote what he knew best, himself.

The Perfect Gentleman is about a man on a odyssey to live a rather boring life but in the end discovers that sharing this tale has open the door to a world full of adventure.

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