On Saturday May 5th, Lacuna Coil played an incredible two hour set at the Masquerade in downtown Atlanta. It has been a few years since I last saw Lacuna Coil live, and I have never seen them headline a show, so I was really looking forward to my chance to see them rock the house for two hours straight.

When I arrived at the venue, I was very excited to see an almost full house for Lacuna Coil. They haven’t played the Masquerade in a while, and I was curious to find out what kind of reception they would receive in Atlanta. Lacuna Coil was popular in the states a few years ago, thanks to music video channels like MTV. Now that MTV doesn’t really air music videos any longer, it is more difficult for International bands to get exposure here in the U.S. Many bands depend heavily for exposure on social media networks like Facebook and YouTube. Lacuna Coil’s online popularity is a testament to their success and their new album, Trip the Darkness recently reached number 15 on the Billboard 200!!!

As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t seen Lacuna Coil live for a few years. As a fan, I was excited to see them play, and they I was certainly not disappointed. All I have to say about the show is WOW!! This band can definitely deliver on stage. The dual vocals of Cristina and Andrea were absolutely amazing. Everyone in the band had such great energy on stage. After the first mind-blowing hour, Lacuna Coil took a short break and then returned to the stage with a stellar acoustic set. It was the perfect way to round out their high energy stage presence. Also, the acoustic set allowed the band to be a little more intimate with the crowd. Lacuna Coil was able to tell their fans what the songs were about, which I thought was amazing. They performed about five songs acoustically, and then went right back to heavy metal awesomeness! They played all my favorite songs like “Heaven’s a Lie”, “Trip the Darkness”, and “Swamped”. This was definitely one of the best shows of the 2012 so far.