It’s been a while, but it’s time to get your Tuesday on once again! We are going to try to create a place for musicians to come and “do their thing” either on their own or by combining their talents with other musicians.

Although this event will be similar to an open-mic, it will not be truly “open”. Many of the performing musicians will be invited by the host, but We are also looking for new friends and musician’s to hang out with and do our thing! Invited and professional musicians will be given 15-20 minutes (at least) to play some of their material. Amateurs and walk-in’s will be given one or two songs to show their talent, and if it is up to par will be allowed extra time…

Len Rosen’s Acoustic Showcase @ Dos Amigos
Every Tuesday Night from 7pm – 10pm

– This will be an acoustic oriented music showcase
– We will provide a full PA and 2 Vocal Mics
– Instrumentation needs to be acoustic or able to plug directly into the PA
– No Amplifiers.
– No drama!
– Each week will have a featured performer, Len will perform, and there will be both “invite” and “show-up” performance slots.
– This will be an all ages show in a restaurant w/ a bar.
– Sam Ash Music will be providing coupons and giveaways for the performers.
– The Backstage Beat will be doing some articles on selected performers as time goes on.
– The owner of Dos Amigos will be providing a percussion setup each week including 3 congas and some shakers.