There’s an old story about when a man was asked why he did not go to church.  The man responded “I just don’t like to be around all those hypocrites.” Well, the first old guy looked at him and said, “Doesn’t matter, you can still go, one more won’t make a difference.”

So goes Sunday: What Happens in Your Family on the Lord’s day? produced by Learical Jonez!.  In a half-dozen vignettes, you peek into the inner lives of these parishioners as they get ready to go to the Lord’s house. You witness moments of love, lust, and spirited fights.

You learn life long lessons such as, “You can’t save a stripper or teach them how to dress.”

In the end, you realize that it all works out, and on the day of the Lord’s Sunday, you can renew the strength necessary to deal with life’s weekly struggles.
Learical Jonez!’s work speaks to the heart of the soul and facilitates the building of community.
Before a packed house, Sunday took the audience on an odyssey of hope, love, and celebration.
Sunday played at Actor’s Express for a short run though May 29, but the crew now moves to Indiana where they hit the road to share the craft.

Consider sponsoring Learical Jonez! as they hit the road, visit: or call 678.995.5334


Dr. Wilson Triviño is a speaker and writer for ABC Vision. He may be reached at [email protected] or