Overkill put on an amazing show on May 10 at the Masquerade. I saw Overkill for the first time a few years ago at Rocklahoma; I wasn’t much of a fan till I saw them play then. It blows my mind when a band performs better, as Overkill did at the Masquerade. Overkill has a new album out called “The Electric Age” continues the bands ‘pump your fist’ thrash that has helped to define an age of metal.

They hit the stage an hour late due to bassist D.D. Verni getting held up at the Atlanta Airport – that’s ok though, because their performance made up for it. They started off the show with a tune off their new record “The Electric Age” called Come and get it. I was huddled down in the photo pit of the Masquerade waiting for the band to come on stage, and when they came out everyone started pumping their fists, and pushed up against the stage. Fans received instant gratification from the band, and that’s how it pretty much went with the crowd all night.

Overkill was full of high energy. I thought it was unique how lead singer Blitz would run off stage when he didn’t have any vocal parts, and he would run back on stage when he had to sing. It was a unique way to keep the crowd guessing and jamming. The rest of the band put on a “electric” performance as well. Guitars roaring and basses flying, these veterans of the stage knew how to rock out. Bassist D.D Verni was especially interesting to watch with his awesome moves and ‘hell yeah’ facial expressions!

Finally, I appreciated Overkill for adding some lighting effects to their performance. The light set up reminded of a show at a big arena, but on a smaller scale. The drums were set up on a riser, and smoke and strobe lights flashed underneath it. Some extra stage lights were added to the house giving the stage that arena feel. Blue, green, red, and white lights lit the band, and strobes flashed to accent the drummer. Plus, I was able to actually see the band, because the house lights at the Masquerade usually suck, but they obviously brought their own lighting tech. Great show overall from these veterans of the thrash metal scene!

photos © 2012 Ann Bodan