Mitt Lenix was a dynamic person. He was funny, charming, and those who knew him speak of his selfless kindness.

A world champion martial artist that held the world record for jumping nine feet four inches in the air, Lenix was a power individual, but he always used that power for good.

I knew of him from his performances around town with the Imperial OPA Circus and the Renaissance Festival. Lenix’s wit and on stage presence made him popular act and he never took himself seriously. At times he seemed super human as he jumped high in the air, balanced himself on some crazy stuff, and literally flew through fire.

He always greeted me with a smile and good word, a heck of a good guy.

According to published reports early Tuesday May 15 Mitt was on a date at the Starlite Drive In.  To those familiar with drive-ins where the sound of the movie comes through the car’s radio,  it is not unusual for the battery charge to go down. It has happened to me.

Apparently Lenix went to ask for a battery jump by a fellow moviegoer in a pickup truck. Rather than get the help that he needed Lenix was shot point blank.  He died on the way to Grady Hospital.

The alleged shooter Quentric Shymon Williams, 32 was apprehended at the Sun Suites hotel in Duluth after evading authorities for two days.

No motive has been released and this incident is a shock to us all. Matt Lenix was a model person and human being.

Here is a clip of Matt Lenix’s performance with the Imperial House of OPA in March.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to the friends and family of the Lenix and OPA Circus family.

A memorial fund has been set for the Lenix family:  :

Lenix’s funeral will be Monday May 21 at Salem Baptist Church in McDonough.

Take a moment and celebrate today and those love ones around you, life is so unpredictable.

Dr. Wilson Triviño is a speaker and writer for ABC Vision. He may be reached at [email protected] or