Writer Tayari Jones admits that when she writes, she like to let her imagination go where it takes her rather than outlining out exactly how it will end up.  She admits she looks upon her work as a romance, where you are titillated with the excitement of a new lover but know that at any moment it can blow up in your face.

Tayari Jones shared her thoughts before a hometown crowd at the Atlanta History Center where she was promoting her latest book Silver Sparrow on May 15.

Her friend and mentor Pearl Cleage shared the stage as she moderated Tayari’s book talk. No subject was off-limits as Jones shared her insight into her creative writing process.

Tayari did note that the secret to writing is simply that – writing. Not to allow the reasons why not to write to stand in the way, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the space, or don’t have the money to write.

It was when she moved to Arizona where Tayari finally took the plunge to become a writer. She converted her walk in closet into a writing studio (with clothes around her) and wrote every day.

Her books have been set in Atlanta and living miles away have allowed her to capture the city through her reservoir of memories.

After success in her first book, she sought to write her next book the same way as the first.  She admits that in memoir books, people are trying to find lies; in novels they are seeking truth in the story. Silver Sparrow is not based on people she knows but on the mystery of secrets.  This book, set in the 1980’s, centers on two Atlanta families that share a secret.

Check out this book Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones

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