Another thought provoking play from playwright Jacquay Waller in his latest production Tears of a Rose.

It begins with a simple premise. Why do we give flowers in the end of life when someone is gone rather than give it to them now that they can enjoy them?  Are the elaborate flower arrangements more for our well being than for the deceased?

Written in short skits, these though provoking tales delve deep into the taboo of modern day polite society. Sexual abuse, spousal abuse, and inequality are only a few that are touched upon.

The stories are not all sad, they hit to the core of life’s many tragedies making us stronger or opening doors for a better tomorrow.

Waller’s work is an important voice for the African American community in the theatre world. It delves on the human experience.

Tear of A Rose was held in the intimate Stage 3 at 14th Playhouse.  For upcoming shows and details with Dream Catcher Productions visit: .