As a comedian, I take for granted that the general population just KNOWS where to see the best live comedy in Atlanta. But unless it’s your profession, you probably have no idea. I don’t know a bunch of mechanics, so I can’t tell you the best place to replace your head gasket, but I do know a lot of comedians, and I polled them on where to watch standup comedy in Atlanta.


What place did they feel had the toughest room?

The “Uptown Comedy Corner” won by a landslide. If you go there, be on your game, ready to make people laugh from the get go.

“It scares so many comics to go there and have their self esteem crushed by the crowd in an instant. You have to have a good bit of confidence to go there and be willing to get shut down.”

Not shy about booing, Uptown’s crowd will let you know in a hurry if it’s time to get off the stage.

“I find it hilarious when the crowd boo’s comics off the stage. The show is for the crowd, why not give them more control instead of letting a$%hole comics go up for a grueling ten minutes and ruin their night talking about butt rape?”


Second on the list is the “Star Bar” in Lil’ 5 Points. Their free Monday night open mic is an absolute must to conquer if you want to be taken seriously in the Atlanta comedy scene.

“A shtick or an obvious club act won’t work in front of that crowd. They see through it.”

While you won’t normally get booed, the discerning silence from the crowd can melt you to the floor.

“They don’t laugh at hack sh%t, you have to earn their laughs.”


Honorable mention goes out to “Relapse Theater” and their free Thursday night open mic.

“My style is much more conventional comedy and it seems like they might prefer the alt comics there.”

The crowd is young and hip, they expect you to be fresh and innovative. So best leave the hack jokes at the door.

Comics agree that tough crowds are necessary to producing better material. When you make their audiences laugh, it’s definitely one for the ego because it was truly earned.


What’s the best kept secret in Atlanta?

“That all of the comedians have HPV”

While this is true, most of the comics agreed that it has to be the free 1 AM show that goes down at Relapse theatre every Saturday night. Not only is it stocked with the finest comedians Atlanta has to offer, there’s always a surprise headliner. More times than not, they’re a pretty big deal.Past guests include: Dave Foley, Maria Bamford, Marc Maron, Greg Proops, Todd Glass, Andy Kindler; Doug Stanhope…the list goes on. I don’t know if you caught that at the beginning but again, it’s FREE. It also doesn’t hurt that the bar staff are some of the hottest gals to serve a drink in all of ATL.


Honorable mentions also go out to the bi-monthly Wednesday show at “Java Monkey” put on by Joel Byars in Decatur, the monthly Monday show at the “Sweetwater Brewery” produced by Joe Pettis, and the weekly “Cloud IX” show put on my Vanessa Fraction.

“I think Cloud XI is pretty well kept. Anytime I mention it to civilians, black or white, they’ve never heard of it. Probably why big celebrities like Eddie from Family Matters can roll thru there…lol”

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