It is rare the chance you get to go back to the 80s where sugary pop music and leg warmers ruled the day, where dreams were endless because you simply can’t stop thinking of tomorrow.

In Xanadu, playing at Actor’s Express through June 16, Sonny Malone (Jordan Craig) feels like he has reached a dead-end. He’s a struggling artist who simply can’t find his groove.

In comes a muse to the rescue in Kira (Lindsey Lamb Archer), who swarms in from the land of the Gods to sprinkle some much-needed inspiration.  Kira and her sisters arrive to save the day.

The heavenly magic works, as the now wide eye optimist Sonny rekindles the dreams of a cynical Danny Maguire (Al Stilo), who once had dreams of opening his own artist theatre.

The young Sonny has big dreams and seeks to create the world’s best skating rink as an oasis of celebration.

Unfortunately for his muse, Kira crosses the line and gets too involved in the mortal world as she discovers love.

Xanadu is a great musical with a cool set and the whole show is filled with the upbeat spirit of possibilities.

Al Stilo is a stand out, as he brings his own fun style to the stagnant characters of Danny Maguire and the God Zeus. He makes any character lovable.

Xanadu directed by Sherri D. Sutton based on the book by Douglas Carter Beane is a fantastic show that will have you humming along to the pop rock tunes of the ’80s.

This show is a must see, it will make you smile and the best part is that at the end, you can join the cast and sing along.

Don’t miss a chance to say you too performed live on stage at Actor’s Express, a true resume builder.

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Dr. Wilson Trivino is a speaker and writer for ABC Vision, he may be reached at [email protected] or