It’s been about a year and half since you and I sat down in Atlanta before the show and talked. I see you have been hard at work on the new album, any personal favorites?
Hello again. At the moment I’m loving Autumn Carnival and Slide

I really like the song “Enjoy Yourself”,  can you describe the creative process on that song?

That’s one that Courtney busted out and we all came in and tracked separately on.

Who’s idea was it to cover “16 Tons”?

Courtney’s, I think he was really enjoying singing low.

On “I am Free”, is that a personal journey song that stems from growing older and moving past personal addictions, or more of an overall anthem?

I think it’s both.

When we talked last , we spoke extensively about being moms and having careers also. How have you found that to change in the last year as your child gets older, and are you planning on having any more children?

No plans for more kids, I am very content with the one little handful that I already have. I’m noticing her independence develop as she gets older, which like anything with kids, it’s bittersweet. I’m really looking forward to bringing out on the road again this summer. It’s been a couple of years and it will be fun to run around the European festivals with a bigger kid.

We also spoke about your other projects, can you fill me in on those?

Brush Prairie (my country band) has released an EP since we last met called Carry Yourself Back To Me and we have plans to record an album this year provided I have enough time between Dandy tours.

Tell me what Atlanta can expect from this tour and the show on May 25th?

We always do our best to represent each album and well, it’s gonna rock!

Have you had a chance to explore Atlanta? How do you like it?

I haven’t really, seems like we always roll in, play, roll out. Though I did take my daughter to the aquarium once.It was pretty good. I was surprised to have my bag searched at the entrance.

What does Europe get about you guys that the U.S doesn’t? It seems you’re way bigger there.

We’re not really though, it’s evened out over the years. What we didn’t get in radio support in the US, licensing as made up for. The venues vary in size over here the same way they do in Europe, there is the difference of there being so many more festivals for us to play in Europe.

Do you care about The Shins or Arcade Fire?

Do I care about them? Both bands have some songs I like if that’s what you mean by care.

Does your vetted sound and die-hard fan base make you impervious to shifting trends in the indie scene?

I feel we’ve always done our best to stay impervious of the ‘shifting trends in the indie scene’. It’s certainly something I don’t pay much attention to.

Have Satellite Radio and Indie blogs made what you do easier than say it was in the late 90s early 0-decade?.

I think those things affect how easy it is to get the word out as a new band, since we’re already established, we haven’t noticed their influence as much.