What was the moment in your life when you knew you were going to do stand up?

The first time I performed.

Out of all of the T.V. appearances and late night shows you’ve been on, which one of  those meant the most to you?

My first special for Comedy Central – doing live at Gotham…

When you got flack for making a joke that involved former Jackass member Ryan Dunn’s death, how did that feel? How did you handle that personally?  

That was the most backlash I’d ever received by far. I did a video called “Chinese New Year” where I did a man on the street bit, in 2006 or 2007…and it was funny but it got a ton of furious Asians because there were jokes about child-birth laws. So the roast wasn’t my first time getting death threats, so I did feel a little bit desensitized to it.

Does getting death threats make you feel more accomplished?

I’d rather not get death threats.

The advice is always clear for women in comedy – don’t sleep with the male comics. Do you believe in that?

I think it’s a good idea to not f#%k the male comics…

Has not listening to this advice hurt you in any way?

Not that I know of…

After being voted “Class Clown” in high school, did that confirm in your mind that you were going to pursue comedy?

I always just tried to make myself laugh. I was used to people not thinking that I was funny, but I thought I was really funny and I’ve never let how funny I think I am be defined by other people. You have to be a little bit delusional to keep going in stand up.

Has being a comedian affected your relationships with people in your life who aren’t comedians?

Yeah, sometimes people get mad when you joke about the truth. I probably would have been a bridesmaid in more weddings.

Do you feel any more or less support from friends and family?

Yeah I guess so. It’s like when you start in comedy, you think it’s gonna be like you guys the whole time, people kinda get weeded out over the years. I can measure it by like, for instance, when I found out I got my first special, I called like 10 people and now…I call my sister. I just found out I’m doing Leno, I didn’t call anybody.

“Delocated” is one of the most twisted and funniest shows that Adult Swim has to offer. What’s it like to work with Jon Glaser?

He’s the best. I f*%king love him. I got to film an episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” this year and filmed two full days with Larry David and I would say they are equally fun and hilarious. They’re always doing something, a bit, like Larry David will be chewing his gum super loud and he’ll be like “is this annoying?” Or Glaser will come in and be all camel toed. I love him. I think he’s a genius.

Funniest person you’ve toured with?

Attel and Jim Norton….

Did you see any of Norton’s prostitutes?

I’ve never seen him creep out on the road. He tells me everything, but I was never witness to some hag leaving his room. He definitely shares whatever happens, so does Attel. I think those guys would bring me on the road to calm them down or be a wrangler for p*%sy, but we’d mellow out after the show, get some dinner and hang out.

You’re also in a pretty big movie with Steve Carell that’s coming out in a few weeks. Who do you play in “Seeking A Friend For the End of the World”?

A girl named Lacy who’s a nurse, kind of like a Stepford wife who is bugging out because the world is ending.

What are some things you would do if you knew the world was coming to an end tomorrow?

Probably f*%k a ton of people. If I were near my family, I’d just want to watch T.V. with my sister, laugh and watch movies, but if it was how it is right now and she’s in Chicago…



Do you drink more since you started comedy?

No, I always drank. We drank early where I’m from, like a lot, vodka Martini’s when I was a freshman in college but I haven’t drank in like a month, I’m getting ready for my special.

Do you see a lot of comics struggling with that?

All of the guys that I’m close with are in their mid 40’s and are in A.A. Some of them seem like they just couldn’t do it anymore. A couple of the younger guys drink but I only know like one or two people with a problem.

When does the movie come out?

“Seeking A Friend For The End of The World” comes out on the 22nd of June – And I’m filming my special on the 23rd in San Francisco so if people want to come to the film if it’s out by then.