I first heard Eugene Mirman in my friend’s apartment when he played me clips from Eugene’s album God Is a Twelve-Year Old Boy with Asperger’s. Listening to the level of laughter emitted from the audience amazed me, and his intellect and point of view made me realize that this guy is one of the greatest comedian’s performing today.
Getting to see his act in person at the Laughing Skull Lounge for the first time was a treat, watching him perform a non traditional act. Sharing real moments from his life-like random hilarious messages he left written on bar napkins, his letter to Time Warner that compared them to a Stalin ruled nation, and the hilarious noise maker thingy (I forget the name of it) he would use to accentuate the end of his jokes. Silly things like the noise maker (dammit I wish I remembered what it was called) made me laugh from my gut, and this time I wasn’t in an apartment, I was at the Laughing Skull Lounge, in the midst of the crowd.